Pocket bimetal thermometer PT series
Pocket bimetal thermometer PT series
Pocket bimetal thermometer PT series
Pocket bimetal thermometer PT series
Pocket bimetal thermometer PT series
Pocket bimetal thermometer PT series
PT series

Item specifics

1” ,1-1/8”,1-3/8”,1-3/4”,2”
SS 304 stainless steel
Stem OD
Stem Length
5”or 8”
From -80 C/0 C And 0 C/550 C  (customized)
Enclosure Rating
ASME B40.200-2008, EN13190:2001
Pipeline,surface,industrial,oil,chemical,power station,marine,etc.






TypeBimetal thermometer
ConnectionBack Connection
BezelYes / No
MaterialAll Stainless Steel 304
Dial Size1" ,1-1/8" ,1-3/8",1-3/4",2"
Stem Diameter3.8mm 
Stem Length5" / 8"
Temperature Range-10-110C(customized)
LensPlastics / Glass

Plastic Sleeve:Various color

Clip:Pan clip  /  tri-angle clip

Enclosure RatingIP55
MOQ100 pieces
Warranty1 year




Q:Are you able to develop customized solutions for non-standard applications?

A:Yes, we can. We have a strong professional developing team.

Q:Can I receive the dial layout before you produce the instruments?

A:Yes, we can send the dial proof for customer’s approval within 1 week.

Q:Are you able to face urgencies by offering a shorter delivery time?

A:Yes, we are a manufacturer, we can offer a shorter delivery time depends on the customer’s particular requests.

Q:Are you able to supply technical drawings and data sheets of your instruments?

A:Yes, we can supply upon customer’s request, please contact with our sales.

Q:Do you usually apply an MOQ or can you supply also small quantities?

A:Yes, different item different MOQ, except OEM item, please contact our sales for your order code.

Q:Is it necessary an expert for the installation of your instruments?

A:No, user can finish the installation easily following our specific product manual.

Q:Do you organize on site training courses in my country?

A:At present we don’t have the plan to organize the training courses in your country. But we may offer the information or the documents which you need, include the video.

Q:What is your discount policy?

A:We usually give discount according to the difference of QTY, Delivery, the payment term, and the amount and so on.

Q:What are the benefits of buying your instruments, as the Chinese products are usually considered low quality?

A:I think it is not right to consider all Chinese products are low quality. Now the quality of Made in China is better and better. You may see Made in China because the market needs it. And if you buy our products , you may find you buy the high quality with the reasonable price and we also offer the good service.

Q:Can I receive a reference list of your main customers?

A:Sorry the customers information are the company property. We are not able to give you the list. Anyway, our main customers are located in North America and Europe, some of them are very famous, and we have over 20 years of industrial experience.