Location of refrigerator thermometer

Time: 2020-07-07
Summary: Refrigerator thermometer It's veryimportant for a refrigerator.

Refrigerator thermometer It's veryimportant for a refrigerator. It's not only about how much electricity it uses,but more importantly, some things need to be kept at a specific temperature,too high or too low. To accurately measure the temperature in the refrigerator,it's also important to choose the location of the thermometer. The simplestthing is that the thermometer can't be placed next to other items, certainlynot next to the refrigerator The deviation of the results measured in this wayis very large.

Generally, as long as the part of measure sensor is not in contact with the inner wall of the refrigerator and other items, and completely in contact with the air. But it is better to place in the center of the middle shelf in the cold storage room, so the temperature is relatively uniform, the temperature change is smaller, and it represents the average temperature in the cold storage room.

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