How to choose temperature & pressure meter

Time: 2020-04-28
Summary: How to choose temperature & pressure meter

Temperature & pressure gauge also called tridicator. It can not only measure pressure, but also temperature. It can save a lot of space for pipeline. It is suitable for all kinds of heating systems. It can read the pressure and temperature of the measured object at the same time. It's convenient  that don't need to install several meters on the pipe, and  don't need to worry about the limited space between the installed meters.

However, the selection of tridicator is not just a random one. It should be selected according to the factors such as the substance to be tested and the environment to be placed. There are copper and stainless steel in the selection of sensing materials. If the product needs to have good thermal conductivity, it is recommended to choose copper; if it needs to be corrosion-resistant and alkaline resistant, it is recommended to choose stainless steel; if it needs to be waterproof and shockproof, it is recommended to choose waterproof type.

The pressure measurement unit of the tridicator is psi, kg / cm2, kPa, bar, feet/h2o, mmHg. If other units are needed, they need to be customized. There are three kinds of temperature measurement units for water meter: C, ° F, ° C & ° F.

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