Troubleshooting of Pressure Gauge

Troubleshooting of Pressure Gauge


Troubleshooting of Pressure Gauge

Common Faults and Reasons of Seismic Pressure Gauge in Operation

Pointer jitter Reasons: 1. The measured medium pressure is high; 2. The installation position of the pressure gauge vibrates greatly.

Pressure gauge without indication :Reasons: 1. The cut-off valve on the guide pipe is not opened; 2. The guide pipe is blocked; 3. The dirt in the spring pipe joint is blocked by excessive deposition; 4. The spring pipe is split; 5. The central tooth and the fan tooth are worn too much to mesh.

Non-uniform pressure indication error:Pressure refers to reasons: 1. Spring tube deformation failure: 2. Spring tube free end and sector gear, connecting rod transmission ratio adjustment is inappropriate.

Pressure gauge pointer has jump or sluggish phenomenon:Reasons: 1. The pointer rubs against the surface glass or scale; 2. The bending of the central gear shaft; 3. The meshing of the two gears is contaminated; 4. The movable screw between the connecting rod and the fan gear is not flexible.

The pointer cannot be restored to zero when the pressure is removed: Reasons: 1. Pointer bending; 2. Short hairspring force; 3. Pointer loosening: 4. Drive gear has rubbing.

Low pressure gauge indication:  Reasons: 1. Disequilibrium of transmission ratio; 2. Leakage of spring tube; 3. Rubbing of pointer or transmission mechanism; 4. Leakage of pressure guide pipeline.

Pointer can't indicate to the upper scale: Reasons: 1. Small transmission ratio; 2. improper positioning of machine core; 3. improper welding position of spring tube.