Maintenance & Caution Of Bimetal Thermometer

Time: 2019-05-06
Summary: Maintenance & Caution Of Bimetal Thermometer
Aside from occasional testing, little or no maintenance is required. Be sure that the gasketed glass cover is on the case at all times, as moisture and dirt inside the case will eventually cause the thermometer to lose its accuracy. (See caution note below.) If the thermometer is used for measuring the temperature of a material that may harden and build up an insulating layer on the stem, the thermometer should be removed from the apparatus occasionally, and the stem cleaned. Observe this precaution to ensure the sensitivity of the instrument.

Bimetal Thermometers operating below freezing must have a perfectly tight case to prevent entrance of moisture which eventually will condense and freeze inside the stem. This condition shows up as a failure of the thermometer to read accurately below 32°F or 0°C. For this reason it is important to avoid damage to the glass front while the stem temperature is at freezing or below. All thermometers are hermetically sealed in a dry atmosphere at the factory and require no further maintenance.

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