Spring Festival Holiday

Spring Festival Holiday

Spring Festival Holiday

Lunar New Year is called Spring Festival. In China, spring festival is the most featured and solemn traditional festival, it symbolizes unity, prosperous and is a joyous festival which is supposed to be about new hope to the future.

On Dec. 6th 2018, Chinese government issued the detailed  notification about 2019 spring festival holiday, the legal spring festival holiday this year is a week from Feb. 4th to 10th 2019.

QualityWell’s spring festival holiday arrangement is very human. Usually it has 2 kinds:

1. Workers from QualityWell Thermometer Factory - 2 weeks(allow extra 3days leaving time)

Most of them come from other cities, ordinarily they have no time to go back their hometown in order to finish lots of thermometer orders from global customers. So QualityWell gives them about 2 weeks for spring festival holiday.

2. Office staff from administrative department  10days(allow extra 3days leaving time)

In QualityWell , the human holiday arrangement always let every employee feel warm in the cold winter, it is useful to have a better working situation in the next new year if everyone can enjoy spring festival holiday with the family.

Spring festival is coming soon, wish every QualityWell employee can go home with little difficulty, and spend a fortunate spring festival with the family together.


QualityWell 2019 CNY holiday Advice -

QualityWell office holiday : February 2nd to Feb. 12th 2019 
QualityWell Thermometer factory : Jan. 28th to Feb. 14th 2019