Operation rules for replacing the thermowell of the bimetal thermometer

Time: 2017-12-26

1.        Ensure that the normal production will not be affected,  it must be permitted  before dismantling the thermometer.

2.        It must be confirmed that the surrounding environment is safe, and dismantling with a riot wrench. (Note: the thermometer  connector which  connects the pipe must be fixed with a wrench to avoid loosening)

3.        The instrument interface on the pipe must be sealed by the clean cloth or other items to avoid the debris fall into the pipe.

4.        The tube section of replace the thermometer needs to be emptied.

5.        Remove the bimetal thermometer from the old thermowell, and install the new thermowell.

6.        Fill the pipe slowly and checkthe leaking at any time.

7.        Fill a few of conduction oil into the thermowell.

8.        Install the thermometer, please note do not hold the case of the bi-metal thermometer.

9.        Observe whether the thermometer works well or not.

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