General Introduction for Bimetal Thermometer

Time: 2017-12-22

The bimetal element is the simplest andmost often encountered sensor. 

Bimetal thermometer is suitable formeasuring the temperature of the field instrumentation, can be used to directlymeasure the gas, liquid and material temperature. 

General Introduction for Bimetal Thermometer

The core element of bimetal thermometer isbimetal strip, the bimetal strip is usually bent into a coil.

Bimetal thermometes use a helical coil withfit stem.This requires clearance for a movement of the pointer to indicate thetemperature.

There are 2 kinds of temperature scales onthe dial face of bimetal thermometer, one is Fahrenheit and the other isCentigrade. The countries in North America and Southeast Asia use dual scales,most countries in Euro and South America use singe scale Centigrade.

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