The conditions for installing the bimetallic thermometer

Time: 2017-12-15

In order to be able to measure an accurate value, a lot of special attention should be noticed when install the bimetal thermometer .  Here are what you need to pay attention:

The conditions for installing the bimetallic thermometer

1.Avoid installation on valves, bends, and dead corners.

For the installation of bimetallic thermometer, the installation of measuring position is very important. It is necessary to ensure that the measuring end of the thermometer has sufficient heat exchange with the measured medium.

2.The depth of insertion.

In order to reduce thetemperature error in the measuring process.When inserting the measured medium, it is also necessary to ensure enough depth of the stem into the medium. For example, if measure the temperature of the liquid in  a Ø200mm  pipe diameter, the insertion length of the bimetal stem will need to be at least 100mm .

User need to pay more attention on the installation of the bimetal thermometer, and also the maintenance of the thermometer is important too.

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