Our office manager,Mr. Qian attended schoolhouse opening of Jiading District Chengjia Special School

Time: 2017-05-10

The predecessor of Jiading District Chengjia Special School is deaf-mute childstudy class, was established in September 1968. The school address was No.270 South street Cheng Xiang Town (Original Jiading Teacher Redtory Schooladdress). In June 1972, when the school was moved to No.190 West Street, theschool houses were a set of old rural buildings, the area of whole schoolyardwas 599.38 square meter only.

The current Chengjia Special School has a campusbeautiful environment, exquisite layout,  is filled with Warmharmonious human-oriented design details, highlights the school’s philosophy“people-based, school-based, at the crucial moment of history, Shanghai QualityWellIndustrial Co.,Ltd. received the invitation from schoolhouse opening of Jiading District Chengjia Special School,our office manager,Mr. Qian attended this ceremony.

After half a century, Trials andhardships, Chengjia School went through an extraordinary time,hasacquired outstanding school running achievements, teams of deaf-mutestudents has embarked on different jobs, achieved their life values,each intellectual disabled student diligently strive for independence,became their best selves. Now this school newly built in different place,everything is fresh again, a new journey is going to open.

We firmly believe: Tomorrow of Chengjia Special Schoolwill be better!

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