Women's Day,Benefits is coming!

Time: 2016-12-01
March 8th , It is a fine day, full of the breath of spring, and it is also a special day! It is belong to women ! International Women’s day is a festival of the world's women. This festival is  recognized at the United Nations. And it has also been  identified in a lot of countries as legal festival. Although they are  from different countries, language、culture 、economic、race、politics is different,All the women that day to celebrate this festival in the same time, it is what a happy day!In addition , This day ,women can enjoy different benefits, for example, Some companies may have the day off to have a relax,or send some presents for them, to express concern for female colleagues.
Qualitywell is a small company, But benefits is so much,Every festival will give benefits to employees, and every year will also arrange staff on holiday in the summer. International Women's day, this day Qualitywell also gave benefits to female colleagues, a carton of milk per person!Although the benefits is not very valuable,but it was to expressed concern to our female colleagues, At the same time also reflects the emphasis on female colleagues!

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