To across the Hui-Hang ancient path

Time: 2016-12-01
In the middle of May, the labor union of QualityWell organized all employees to attend  a  2 days’ tour, to across the Hui-Hang ancient path, in order to do some physical exercise and foster us the spirit to bear hardships and hard work. 
On the first days, we started from YongLai Village in Zhejiang province, we walked about 11 kilometers, and stayed at a simple hostel in the mountain. The return route  the next day was much easier, most of roads were descending but we still paid more attention on the roads, because the downhill roads are steep and there are a lot of smooth rocks on the roads.We spent the whole morning going down a distance of about 4 kilometers, we stopped for a rest,beofore arriving at our destination .
 In the 2 days short tour, all of us were tired, but no one gave up during the walking, we helped each other and reached the destination successfully. This reflected the unity of all the staff and persevering hard work. I believe all of us can work better
,live and study better under this spirit.

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