Qualitywell’s Labour union

Qualitywell’s Labour union

The Labour is the bridge between the workers and the boss, it is on behalf of the workers.
So if the worker has any question of the company , he can tell the official of the company labour union, then the labout union will pass the question to the boss of the company. Once the company will reply the answer to the labour union, the labour union will pass the answer to the workers who ask the question.

Qualitywell also has the labour union in the company, the Qualitywell’s Laour union was built in Sept of 2013. 

The Labour union arranges the workers to learn the Labour Law, and tell the rule of the company, and also organize kind of the ways to help worker has the relax life after the work time, arrange the workers to watch the movies, company party, and the company sports meet and also offer the welfare for the special day, such as on the Women’s day, the Labour union give the a box of the milk as the gift.

 The Labour union  is very important in the company , it makes communication smooth between boss and the workers, and help boss knows the worker well. The Labour union is the balance.