Our 1% is customer’s 100%

Our 1% is customer’s 100%

23years of professionalism, traveled from North America, Europe to Africa. Discussing with customers trying to find outthe  pains they go through such asfluctuating cost of products, changing quality, unstable marketing staffs andunreliable even bosses. All these just o help customer know what to do. 

Atthe beginning of Qualitywell, there was always a controversy whether its worthyto spend 10times human and material resources to do all system’s improvementfor just 1% on quality rate. Sometimes its heard from counterpartsthat  making replacements for a fewunqualified products is just fine.

Interms of sales, Qualitywell isn't a large company. So should it hold on tomeager profit margin or pursues quality perfection?

Audreyasked this question to all the employees; Is our 1% possible to be 100% ofcustomer’s next supplier? For example when we buy a product in factory ,it could be considered as just 1%, so any     improvement we do is for 100% not 1%. 

Hence,in its first year in the instrument business, Qualitywell began with ISO9001quality system for the systematic company management to CRM system to ensuresystematic customer service.